Our Trip To England – Day Two

Day 2 - Hastings (2)On Tuesday 17th, the second day, all the pupils were impatient to tell the teachers and their friends their first impressions about their families.
All of them were happy with their families and first British meals.

We set off to Hastings, a very historical town on the seaside since it was the place where William the Conqueror had a castle built after he won the famous battle of Hastings in 1066.

Day 2 - Hastings (1)First we visited The Smugglers’ Adventure museum in St Clement’s Caves.
This museum shows and explains how smugglering developed from 1700 to 1830 on the south coast of England, due to high taxes. The pupils enjoyed this interactive museum very much.

Then we went to see Hastings Castle, beautiful ruins on a hill overhanging the sea. There we could watch the 1066 Story video which retraced the Battle. It was very interesting.

Day 2 - Hastings (5)It was sunny but very windy but we had lunch on the hill near the castle and found some shelter against rocks along the path leading to a café. It thus allowed us to take photos of the sea and the beautiful landscapes surrounding us.
The teachers spent a quarter of an hour in the café to have a hot drink.

Day 2 - Brighton, Royal Pavilion (1)Then we left the place to go to Brighton, a bigger, richer seaside resort. A beautiful town with lots of white stone houses facing the sea. There we visited the Royal Pavilion, an Indian-style palace from the outside, Chinese-style decorated inside. The huge chandelier with dragons hanging from the ceiling was spectacular and impressed the pupils a lot.
The kitchen was also astounding with its large display of copper saucepans and dishes.

Day 2 - Brighton, Brighton Pier (3)After that we spent an hour or so on Brighton Pier, where we could admire the sunset on the sea, the beautiful light, the casino, take funny photos and eat some churros!!

After this second full day we returned to Bognor Regis and our host families.

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