Our Trip to England – Day One

Day 1 - Ferry Boat (1)On Sunday, 16th at 9.30pm, all the pupils assembled in front of the school and got ready to leave.
They put their luggage in the boots of the coach and said goodbye to their parents.
We travelled all night until we got to Calais early in the morning and we crossed the Channel on a ferryboat.

Day 1 - Ferry Boat (2)The pupils were excited to discover what a ferryboat was like, the lounges, the restaurants, the shops, and how it worked.
But what they preferred was undoubtedly staying on the upper deck and watching the sea and the seagulls.

Day 1 - Leeds Castle (22)At around 10 am local time, we were in England, we discovered the white cliffs of Dover,the town and its castle and we  set off to Maidstone to visit Leeds Castle.
This is a magnificent castle set on a lake in a large park with very old trees, lots of plants and flowers and birds,
especially peacocks and black swans.

Day 1 - Leeds Castle (2)All the pupils were tired with the long journey but enjoyed the visit with the audioguides all the same. They could discover the inside of the castle,the various richly furnitured and decorated rooms, the stairs and corridors, the wine cellar, the history of the castle,and especially the history of the Tudors dynasty that we had previously studied in class.

Day 1 - Leeds Castle (8)Then we had lunch in the park near the vegetal maze and some pupils could go into the maze and discover a funny grotto
in the centre.
They could also relax in the beautiful nature around and take plenty of photos.

Finally, we set off to Bognor Regis, a little town on the seaside in West Sussex, where we would be accommodated. All the pupils were both very stressed and excited to meet their host families.

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