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Volcans en éruption !

En UPE2A on a dessiné des volcans avec des pastels à l’huile. Nous avons gratté avec un cure-dents. Nous avons frotté avec un chiffon. Nous avons mélangé les couleurs.

Le cube surprise

Nous avons fabriqué une surprise. Le but était de faire des contrastes avec les couleurs et les matières entre l’intérieur et l’extérieur du cube.

Our Trip to England – Day One

On Sunday, 16th at 9.30pm, all the pupils assembled in front of the school and got ready to leave. They put their luggage in the boots of the coach and said goodbye to their parents. We travelled all night until we got to Calais early in the morning and we crossed the Channel on a …

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Our Trip To England – Day Two

On Tuesday 17th, the second day, all the pupils were impatient to tell the teachers and their friends their first impressions about their families. All of them were happy with their families and first British meals.

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Our Trip to England – Day Three

On Wednesday, 19th March, we set off very early to London and after a three-hour drive, we arrived in the capital city of the United Kingdom. All the pupils were very impressed with all the buildings, the famous monuments and bridges of the city.

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Our Trip to England – Day Four

On Thursday 20th, we went to Portsmouth. As we were at the entrance of the Royal Naval Museum ahead of time, the pupils were asked to settle on the benches nearby and draw an element of what they could see around them which was interesting or representative of the city to them.

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Our Trip to England – Day Five

On Friday 21st, we sadly left our host families and started off along the south coastal road. We crossed Brighton again, Hastings and we stopped in Rye, a charming and picturesque village on the seaside.

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Radio XVI, la radio du Roi

Sur une initiative de Mme Cartier, professeure documentaliste, et l’aide technique de M. Hagmann, la classe de 4e2 de M. Faure, professeur d’histoire-géographie, a le plaisir de partager avec vous sa première émission de Web Radio au CDI du Collège Albert Jacquard.

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Dernier jour pour voir l’expo de l’UPE2A !

L’exposition roman-photo «  poisson-poison » sera décrochée ce soir. Si  vous voulez voir les aventures de Pépita et Sofia dépêchez-vous !

Lettres de poilus