Our Trip to England – Day Five

Day 5 - Rye (15)On Friday 21st, we sadly left our host families and started off along the south coastal road.
We crossed Brighton again, Hastings and we stopped in Rye, a charming and picturesque village on the seaside.

Day 5 - Canterbury cityWe walked up the paved streets, admired the typical half-timbered houses, the funny shop windows and the antique shops.
We saw a remarkable clock tower and the church, along with its churchyard. After that we went to Canterbury.
We had our lunches on benches near a small river and the coach park and then we walked to the town centre to do some shopping.
The pupils discovered the beautiful medieval town centre.

Day 5 - Canterbury Cathedral (35)At three o’clock, we started the visit of the Cathedral.
For 2 hours, we discovered the beauties of this gothic and world-famous cathedral: sculptures, statues, windows and its history as well, especially the assassination of Thomas Becket.

Day 5 - Retour Eurotunnel (13)We then drove to Folkestone to take the Eurotunnel shuttle, cross the Channel and get back to France.

We had a nice dinner in the cafeteria of the  terminal of Calais and then we spent the night on the roads.

We arrived in Lure at 7 o’clock. What a big adventure we lived!

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